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Flame Hold Heat Resistant Compound

Flamehold is a special heat resistant compound that has many functions related to welding. Flamehold may be used as a fixture to hold parts together while welding. It is also an ideal heat shielding c
From $1.00 - $141.90


Cryotherm Degreaser

A residue-free degreaser for all cleaning applications. Cryotherm Degreaser instantly penetrates and removes dirt, oil, grease, wax, moisture, and much more. It evaporates completely, leaving no resid
From $1.00 - $103.50


LaserBest Cutting Fluid

All lubricants are not created equal. Our quality LaserBest cutting fluid is specially designed to increase the lifespan of your LaserBest Drill Bits, Step Reamers and Hole Cutters, and in other appli
From $1.00 - $140.40


Rapid Steel Epoxy Putty

The ultimate solution for small or emergency metal repairs. Rapid Steel Epoxy is easy to use and mistake proof. Bonds instantly with superior strength for rebuilds, repairs and muchvmore. Ideal for re
From $42.54


Gemini Anti-Spatter Spray

A fast, convenient way to prevent sticking of spatter to surfaces. It is excellent for use in the protection of MIG gun nozzles, tips, electrode holders or any area that needs to be spatter free after
From $1.00 - $107.76


Galv-Coat Zinc Spray

This easy to use high solid zinc spray gives a coating of practically pure zinc fluid. The cold compound stops rust instantly by galvanic or electrochemical action. It gives a lasting protection again
From $1.00 - $136.02