Apollo A Arc Rod

SKU: RM-1004

For joining, build-up and wear surfacing of all low alloy, manganese, medium and high carbon steels. Apollo A has been developed to produce the most crack resistant welds for use on heavy equipment. Under impact, Apollo A work hardens considerably to resist wear. In addition, this alloy has extraordinary strength combined with excellent ductility (30% elongation). It is superior for metal-to-metal wear applications.

When equipment is exposed to stress, shock, impact or abrasion, Apollo A is an ideal welding material. Outstanding results are found on all critical joints and when impact is present as in rails, frogs and cross overs. Use for manganese wear plates, buckets, crushers, hammers, dragline chains and pins.

When even more wear resistance is required, final passes should be made with our Olympia, Omega or Zeta hard face alloys. Download PDF



High Strength 135,000psi
Shock and Abrasion Resistant
Deposit 185 Brinell (11 RC)
Work Hardens To 55 RC
Cuts Easily With A Torch
Excellent For Manganese Steels
No Pre-Heat Or Peening
Flux Coating Not Affected By Moisture
Good Ductility
Low Friction Surface


Apollo A is ideal for metal to metal wear applications. 
For use on rails, frogs, and crossovers.
Also for use on manganese wear plates, buckets, crushers, hammers, dragline chains and pins.

Recommended Settings

AC or DCEP (+/- 20% of recommended settings)

Recommended Settings:
1/8” Diameter – 120 amps
5/32” Diameter – 160 amps
3/16” Diameter – 200 amps

Best Practices

Remove all cracks or work hardened areas with Electra, or grind.
Skip weld to avoid localized heat buildup.
Weave no more than 2 to 3 times rod diameter.
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