Brutus Flux Core Wire

SKU: RM-7175

For welding all categories of steels and dissimilar steels- alloy steels, stainless, manganese, nickel alloy and cast steels. Brutus Flux Core is for wire feed welding of steels where the type of steel is unknown or for dissimilar steels. Welds are super strong and ductile. Can also be used as cladding to provide superior corrosion resistance. Good for joining stainless steel to carbon steels, as well as stainless to stainless.
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125,000 psi Tensile Strength
35% Elongation
Ideal For Dissimilar Steels
Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Wear and Shock Resistant
Excellent For Out-Of-Position


Ideal for welding dissimilar steels
Excellent out of position, even on stainless steel
High Strength, High Elongation, for high stress parts, very crack resistant
Welds stainless steel using mild steel standard gas

Recommended Settings

Use Reverse Polarity (DCEP)

Recommended Settings:
.045 Diameter – 25-30 volts, 130-220 amps, 3/8″ – 3/4″ stick out

Best Practices

Shielding gas can be C02 or 75% Argon and 25% C02.
Spray transfer with easy to remove slag.
“Buttering technique” will aid in joining dissimilar steels.
Avoid extreme heat applications.
We recommend Gemini Anti-Spatter spray for lasting protection of your contact tip and MIG nozzle (see chemical aids in Abrasives & Metal Working products section).

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