Cryotherm AB Spray Powder – Gas

SKU: RM-8141

Low-friction finish coat for bearing surface on all metals. Machinable aluminum-bronze finish coat for all metals, except pure copper. Cryotherm AB is a wear resistant, highly machinable “cold” spray powder alloy which is perfect for applications where a true bearing surface is required. The aluminum-bronze structure of Cryotherm AB provides a deposit which is self-lubricating, resists galling and has excellent thermal conductivity.  Download PDF


Bonds At Low Temperature
Low Friction Surfaces
Excellent Heat Conduction
Retains Lubrication
Wear Resistant Aluminum Bronze
Hardness RB 50
Build To 0.125”
Superior Machinability


Apply to required thickness plus .020”, using even traverses of the turning shaft.

Best Practices

Apply over a base coat of Cryotherm Bond, using the same torch settings, distance, and lathe speed as for Cryotherm Bond. Apply in even passes until thickness equals final diameter plus approximately 0.020”.

Finish using a sharp Carbide tool. Use carburizing flame. Caution: Do no overheat, as temperature over 750°F (400°C), can be detrimental.

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