E3000X PAPR (powered air-purifying respirator)

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The Optrel e3000X is the most powerful ventilated breathing protection system available on the market. With the new e3000X PAPR (powered air-purifying respirator) system you complement your optrel PAPR mask with protection for your respiratory system, making no compromises for safety, comfort and protection. The e3000x has an integrated airflow sensor, 3 level airflow adjustment, 18 hours of battery life, and 240 liters of air per minute available at the touch of a button.


Repiratory Protection when combined with compatible helmet
Hepa 99.8%
Adjustable Air Flow
Easy to Use
Ergonomic Fit
Integrated Air Flow
Mountain Breeze Odor Filter


Highest level protection (HEPA) from smoke, aerosols and dust. The breathing air gets up to 500 times cleaner.
Evenly distributed air inside the PAPR helmet without eye irritation.
Automatic air flow control.
Automatic air flow calibration.
Additional cooling effect for the fore head.
Better work conditions for more efficiency, comfort and performance.

Compatible Helmets

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