Fiber Disc 2″-3″

SKU: RM-995201

High quality, general purpose resin fiber abrasives for efficient stock removal on metals. They are user friendly with no harmful additives. Built with our screw on attachment, these discs go on and off the die grinder quickly and securely. Download PDF

Available in 2″ and 3″ diameters with various grits. Mandrel and backing holder required (sold separately).


General purpose resin fiber disc for efficient stock removal
Tough fiber backing for long life
High quality abrasives
Contains no halogen producing grinding additives
Clean bonding system designed to produce a cleaner work environment

Required Components

Mandrel and backing holder are required for attaching discs to die grinder. These non-consumable items are sold separately.
acking Holder 2″ Part No. 995208 – Required for 2″ Fiber Disc
Backing Holder 3″ Part no. 995708 – Required for 3″ Fiber Disc
Quick Change Mandrel Part No. 995709 – Compatibale with both 2″ and 3″ Fiber Discs.
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