Flap Disc Trimmable 4.5″

SKU: RM-9976T

The same quality construction as our flap disc with the added benefit of being trimmable. The plastic backing plate can be easily trimmed to expose more of the flap disc edge. This provides the ability to increase edge exposure on the wheel as needed for working into corners and tough to reach places.  This is a fast cutting and long lasting Zirconia Flap Disc, these 4.5″ flap discs can be as aggressive as a grinding wheel or as delicate as polishing disc. All our flaps are made of a high-quality fabric and superior abrasive particle formula. They are long lasting and efficient for grinding, sanding and polishing on any metal. Ideal for removing rust, paint and other contaminants.


Fast cutting and long lasting Zirconia abrasives
Plastic backing plate can be easily trimmed for getting at hard to reach places.
Operator pressure determines how aggressive or delicate a job this abrasive will do
Available in multiple grits with 7/8″ open arbor.
From $1.00 - $240.90


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