Jupiter B TIG Alloy

SKU: RM-7302

For cast iron and cast iron to steels. Jupiter B TIG is a versatile inert arc filler metal specially suited for use on all cast iron parts or for joining cast iron to steel. Deposits are strong, dense and fully machinable. No special techniques are required for this easy to apply product. When repairing critical cast iron components such as valves, pumps, blocks or machine housings Jupiter B TIG assists the welder in producing high quality welds with minimum time and effort. Download PDF


High Strength 60,000 psi
High Nickel Content
Fully Machinable
Repairs Cracks
Cast Iron to Steel Joints
Porosity Free Deposits
Builds Up Worn Areas
Easy To Use


Cast Iron Parts
Pump Housings
Electric Motor Housings
Block Repair

Best Practices

Use DC straight polarity with argon.
Clean base metal.
For machinability or critical parts preheat to 500ºF (260ºC).
Cool slowly.
Remove sharp edges or protrusions in the base metal.
Light peening.

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