LaserBest Left Hand Drill Bit & Extraction Kit

SKU: 90750

A 10pc bolt extraction set including left-handed drill bits and corresponding extractors in sizes ranging from 3/32″ to 5/16″. Left Handed Drill Bits are designed to drill the toughest bolts, while the Spiral Extractors are designed to unscrew those tough bolts without breaking. LaserBest Drill Bits are premium bits that have engineered for strength and durability. Made with the highest quality tool steel in combination with the laser sharpened edges, the bits drill faster, cooler and with more precision than ordinary bits, and are a valuable tool for removing even the most stubborn bolts.

This 10pc set comes in a traditional metal index case. Download PDF


Designed for Bolt Extraction
Engineered For Durability and Long Life
Made of the Highest Quality Tool Steel Alloy
Laser Sharpened
Hardened To 66 RC

Set Contents

This 10pc set includes the following:
Left-Hand Bits: 1 each of 3/32″, 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″
Spiral Extractors: 1 each of #1 (3/32″), #2 (1/8″), #3 (3/16″), #4 (1/4″), #5 (5/16″)
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