LaserBest Slick Cut Reciprocating Saw Blades 6″

SKU: RM-90935

LaserBest SlickCut 6″Reciprocating Saw Blades run cooler and cut quicker with less operator fatigue than other blades. These blades come in two different options depending on application.
14 TPI blade is great for stainless and other tough to cut metals. This blade is coated with SlickSilver, a proprietary coating, like that used on the bows of icebreaker ships. It provides a surface that can stand up to the toughest job.
24 TPI blade is the choice for sheet metal of all types.
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Cut faster and outlast standard blades almost 4 to 1
Run Smoother and Vibrate Less
Aggressive tooth design clear chips quickly
Less friction, Longer Wear
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Teeth Per Inch (TPI)
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