LaserBest Step Reamers – Individual

SKU: RM-90582

The LaserBest Step Reamer is a high quality and convenient tool for expanding or deburring holes up to 1/2“ thick. Suitable for use on most metals including stainless, each Step Reamer has 5 individual steps designed to cover the most common bolt hole sizes. Simply drill a pilot hole, attach the Step Reamer to a hand drill or drill press and you’re ready to go.


Expands holes to 5 precise sizes using a single tool
Made of the highest quality tool steel
Suitable for most metals including Stainless Steel
Enlarge material up to ½” thick
Titanium Nitrides and Black Oxides increase hardness and lubricity for quick and smooth cutting
“No Spin” 3/8 shank with 3 flats
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