Metal Mover Cut-Off Wheel 3″

SKU: RM-9989

Our 3″ cut-off wheels are built with the highest quality fiberglass mesh and a much finer weave than standard wheels. Made for use on a high speed cutter, these wheels have a sturdy foundation, coupled with an innovative abrasive formulation. This enables our wheel to make more cuts while running cooler, cutting faster and lasting longer. Great for steels and stainless steel. Available in 3″ and 4″ diameters in both .035″ and 1/16″ thickness. Download PDF

Works with all standard cut-off wheel mandrels.


A tight fiberglass mesh weave foundation provides a longer life and safer operation than standard wheels
Proprietary abrasive particle formulation for cooler and faster cutting
Excellent on Steel and Stainless
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