Midas M2 TIG Alloy

SKU: RM-7400

Precision Hard Facing alloy for high speed tool steels. Midas M2 TIG is outstanding for cutting edges. Rebuilt areas resist wear and make salvage possible on expensive tools. Repairs with Midas M2 TIG are simple and economical. New cutting edges and overlays often out-perform the base metal. Air hardens after welding.  Download PDF


Hardness 64 RC
Durable Cutting Edge
Pierce Blank Dies
Broaches, Knives, Shears
Excellent Friction Resistance


Midas M2 TIG is outstanding for cutting edges.

Best Practices

Clean base metal completely.
Remove all fatigued metal and round sharp edges.
Establish arc on copper starting block, carry over to base metal.
Add filler metal when puddle forms.
Each deposit of filler metal must flow before continuing.
Fill all craters.
Pre and post heat may be necessary.
Use DC straight polarity with argon for shielding.

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