Neptune AAA Arc Rod

SKU: RM-2513

For aluminum-castings, forging, tubing and sheet. Neptune AAA is a unique aluminum electrode that makes welding aluminum much easier and stronger than ever before. The durable extruded flux coating assures the user will see less spatter, more penetration and a more effective weld with minimal preparation. No need for special equipment.

Neptune AAA can be used on all weldable grades of aluminum. It is good on thick castings or thin tubing. Excellent for build-up of missing sections. Download PDF


High Strength 35,000psi
Long Shelf Life
Easy To Use
Can Be Used For Brazing
Low Spatter
Easy To Build-Up and Join


Neptune AAA can be used on all weldable grades of aluminum.
Good on thick castings or thin tubing.,br />Excellent for field repair on aluminum

Recommended Settings

AC or DCEP (+/- 20% of recommended settings)

Recommended Settings:
3/32” Diameter – 60 amps
1/8” Diameter – 100 amps
5/32” Diameter – 140 amps

Best Practices

For best results, clean area and bevel 1/8” or heavier material.
Maintain a very short arc or drag producing a stringer bead or weave.
Hold electrode almost vertical.
Preheat heavy sections and clean slag between passes.
Use stainless steel brush for cleaning.
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