Neptune SS Solder

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For aluminum and aluminum to all other metals. Neptune SS is a very low temperature solder product, developed for easy joining of aluminum tubing, castings, sheets, etc. When used with Neptune Solder Flux, it will join aluminum to steel, copper, stainless, brass, etc. Since the melting point of Neptune SS is so low, there is no danger of melting the aluminum base metal. This cadmium alloy with its low melting point is ideal for use on white metal or zinc die castings. Marked with an orange tip.  Download PDF


Good Strength 7,500 psi
Thin Flowing
Good Color Match
May Be Preplaced
Low Temperature
Works With Zinc Die Castings
Seals Cracks
Easy To Use


Neptune SS is for easy joining of aluminum tubing, castings, sheets, etc
Joins copper to aluminum tubing
Very low heat, Ideal for thin materials

Recommended Settings

Temperature: 320°F (180°C)

Best Practices

Clean joint thoroughly.
Neptune Solder Flux is required to aid cleaning and wetting action (available separately).
If heating with an open flame, apply heat indirectly, avoiding contact with flux.
Apply alloy when flux boils, avoid overheating.
Remove flux with hot water.

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