Optrel e3000x PAPR System

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The E3000x system is the most robust and powerful integrated welding respiratory system on the market.  It integrates seamlessly with any Optrel PAPR hood and provides the best filtration for both particle and gas contaminants.  With up to 18 hours of battery life on a single charge, the wearer can work uninterrupted all day while still being protected. Featured ductwork inside the hood or shield helps keep the wearer feeling cool without blowing air directly into the eyes. Like the Swiss Air PAPR, the e3000x compatible hoods and shields can be worn by those with facial hair and/or glasses without obstruction or decreased comfort. Take a deep breath, safety never felt so comfortable!

Must be used with a compatible helmet. Not a stand alone system.


Repiratory Protection when combined with compatible helmet or shield

Hepa 99.8%
Adjustable Air Flow
Easy to Use
Ergonomic Fit
Integrated Air Flow
Mountain Breeze Odor Filter


Highest level protection (HEPA) from smoke, aerosols and dust. The breathing air gets up to 500 times cleaner.
Evenly distributed air inside the PAPR helmet without eye irritation.
Automatic air flow control.
Automatic air flow calibration.
Additional cooling effect for the fore head.
Better work conditions for more efficiency, comfort and performance.

Compatible Helmets and Shields

Clearmaxx PAPR Shield
Crystal 2.0 PAPR Helmet
Panoramaxx 2.5 PAPR Helmet
Panoramaxx Quattro PAPR Helmet
Panoramaxx CLT PAPR Black Helmet
Panoramaxx CLT PAPR Silver Helmet
Vegaview 2.5 PAPR Helmet
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