Optrel Swiss Air PAPR

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The Swiss Air Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) is the world’s best technology packed into one stand-alone system. Featuring a black half-face mask protected by flame retardant material, this PAPR can be used as a stand-alone system or paired with your favorite welding hood or grinding shield. Even facial hair or glasses can’t get in the way of comfortability or performance with the mask being low enough on the nose for glasses yet flexible enough to cover facial hair without obstructing the seal. The Swiss Air PAPR also features one of the longest lasting batteries on the market for stand-alone system with up to 14 hours of battery life on a single charge. See specifications below for technical specs. Take a deep breath, safety never felt so comfortable! 


Flame retardant half face mask
HEPA 99.8%
Adjustable Air Flow
14 Hour Battery Power
Altitude Compensation
Temperature Compensation


Automotive industry
Building industry
Chemical industry
Refrigeration industry
Food Industry
General industry
Heavy metal industry
Industrial cleaning industry


Flow Rates:
level 1: min. 100 l/min
level 2: min. 115 l/min
level 3: min. 130 l/min
All levels with automatic air flow control (levels are set directly on the fan and can be continuously adjusted via the control panel at the front).
Operating Time:
level 1: 14h
level 2: 12h
level 3: 8h
(with new filter at room temperature)
Battery– Li-Ione, rechargeable, 3,6 V / 6,5 Ah / 23.4Wh
Charge Time– approx 6 hr
Fan– High-quality ball beared motor
Weight– 1200 g / 42,15 oz (incl. filter, belt and battery)
Valves– 2 exhalation valves with silicone membrane
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