Orion Flux Core Wire

SKU: RM-7696

Orion Flux Core is a self-shielded Hard facing wire with excellent efficiency and running characteristics. It is ideal for extreme abrasion applications with light impact. Made of Boron carbides suspended in a martensitic matrix, this wire produces excellent hardness of 60 RC in one pass, and 65 RC in a second. Orion Flux Core has a 90% efficiency rate, producing very hard deposits quickly. It is exceptionally smooth running, getting the job done quickly with a high yield of material on the work piece. Orion Flux Core is a two pass maximum wire and may stress crack due to high hardness. Download PDF



Extreme Abrasion Resistance
High Hardness, up to 60-65 RC
Smooth Running
Boron Carbide alloy, for excellent hardness and abrasion resistance
Cuts easily with a torch
Excellent for both industrial and agricultural application
90% efficiency
Self Shielded (no gas required) works well with ”suitcase” welders


Our brand new hardfacing alloy, Orion FC, is a self-shielded flux core wire designed for extreme abrasion applications. This is an incredibly smooth running single pass wire and is the ultimate alloy for farming, dirt working and field maintenance applications.

Recommended Settings

With DC Use Reverse Polarity (DCEP)
0.45 Diameter 23-32 volts, 140-230 amps, 1/2″ – 3/4″ stick out
1/6 Diameter 26-33 volts, 180-300 amps, 3/4″-1″ stick out

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