Tartan AAA Arc Rod

SKU: RM-1823

For mild to medium grade carbon steels, all positions. Tartan AAA is the ultimate service truck rod and a high performing alternative to 6010 or 6011. With superior deoxidizing capabilities, Tartan AAA is able to leave sound welds even when the base metal is contaminated with paint, rust, grease, or other contaminants. With a moisture resistant flux, Tartan AAA can create beautiful beads and welds in wet conditions or even through mildly flowing water.

Tartan AAA is excellent for use on farms, service trucks, marine settings, or field repairs on highly contaminated steel. Download PDF


86,000 psi Strength
28% Elongation
Micro-Dense Moisture Resistance Coating
Triple Deoxidized Deposit
Low Spatter
Excellent Out Of Position
Ideal Under Worst Conditions
Ultimate Puddle Visibility
Runs Vertical Down
Pass On Pass Over Slag


Tartan AAA is used on low to medium alloy steels
Out of position repairs
Tight spots, hard to reach areas
Dirty or contaminated steels

Recommended Settings

AC or DCEP (+/- 50% of recommended settings)

Recommended Settings:
3/32″ Diameter – 50 amps
1/8” Diameter – 100 amps
5/32” Diameter – 120 amps

Best Practices

Tartan AAA can be used as contact or short to medium arc.
Tilt 15º to 20º in direction of travel.
Metals should be cleaned when possible.
Can be used vertical up using weave or vertical down with stringers.
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