Ultra Olympia Wear Plates

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Weld on wear plate for all metal surfaces subject to abrasion. Olympia Wear Plates are a great way to solve wear problems associated with extreme abrasion. The hardness of ordinary hard facing products will vary considerably with welder techniques, thickness of the base metal and the cooling rate. This makes guaranteed deposits of 61 RC difficult and time consuming to achieve. In addition, when large areas must be surfaced, considerable welding time and material is required.

Olympia Wear Plates are applied quickly in any position. Each plate covers 18 square inches (3” x 6”) and are 3/16” thick. They are fully hardened to 61 RC.  Download PDF


Tough, Wear Resistant Alloy
Fast and Easy Wear Facing
Thru Hardened 61 – 64 RC
Saves Time and Money
Unequalled Abrasion Resistance
Avoids Excessive Welding Heat


Applications include: chutes, shovels, mixer blades, fly-ash fans and housings, mining buckets and blades, baffles, compactors, and conveyors to name a few.

Best Practices

Hold the Olympia Wear Plate in the position desired. Use Apollo B to plug weld in position using the hold provided, smaller areas may be covered by breaking the plate in half through the plug weld hole. Welding is then accomplished on the circumference.
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