Zeta Wear Plates

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Pre-fabricated wear plates, 3″ x 6″, with hole in the center for plug welding. Zeta Wear Plates are a unique mixture of chrome carbide overlaid on steel providing the ultimate in resistance to abrasion combined with heavy impact. Zeta Wear Plates are proven to outwear mild steel 30 times to 1, and AR Plate at a 12-15 times to 1. Zeta Wear Plate is undoubtedly the fastest, easiest and most economical way to hardface.  Download PDF


Extreme Abrasion, Heavy Impact and Corrosion Resistance
Outwears AR Plate 12-15 Times
Quick, Easy Weld-On Application
Typical Matrix Hardness 59 – 60 RC
Can Be Bent To Fit Various Placements
Easily Cut To Size with Electra Plus Bars Or Electra AAA
Resistance To Elevated Temperatures Up To 1370°F


Zeta Wear Plates have unlimited applications: skid pads, liners on blades or beds, behind bucket edges, blow tanks, mixer blades, chutes and feeders, troughs, fan blades, hoppers, furnace liners, vibrator pans, ore bins and dozer blades.

Best Practices

Weld the Zeta Wear Plates to base metal using Apollo B or Polaris A. Apollo Flux Core or Polaris Maxi Pro may also be used. Cap with Zeta C. Note: the heating and cooling will note affect surface properties.
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