Air Axe Torch

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The Air Axe is the most versatile tool of its kind.  Using the power of oxygen and our specially designed Electra Plus Bars, incredible cutting speed and control is achieved. Housings are cut without damaging adjacent components, and stuck pins in heavy equipment can be quickly removed – saving time, money and replacement part costs. Download PDF


The Air Axe uses oxygen to fuel incredible cutting, gouging and piercing power.
The highest quality torch – Built to last.
No arc welder or compressed air required. An oxygen cylinder and a 12- volt battery are all that are needed.
Portable – Perfect in the field or shop.

Kit Contents

Air Axe Kit Includeds:

The Air Axe Torch
Heavy duty 20 ft. hose and cable
Strike plate, leather shield
Three different size collets for different diameters of Electra Plus bars
Extra tough storage case

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