Apollo Flux Core Wire

SKU: RM-7621

For welding low alloy and manganese steels, buildup, wear surfacing and joining. Apollo Flux Core is a self shielded high manganese alloy wire. It is the welder’s choice for the tough buildup jobs, and for joining manganese to manganese or manganese to low alloy steels. Apollo Flux Core has an extra high chrome, nickel and manganese content which produces a weld that combines strength, ductility and crack resistance while work hardening under impact. Apollo Flux Core runs with a minimum of spatter and has a uniform slag coverage. The deposit can be flame cut, but it is difficult to machine. As deposited Apollo Flux Core is 200 Brinnel (15RC) and will work harden to 550 Brinell (55RC). This provides outstanding metal-to-metal wear resistance in many applications. Apollo Flux Core also produces an extremely sound base build-up for a hard overlay of Omega Flux Core. If gas shielding is available, Olympia Flux Core or Zeta Flux Core would also be very suitable.  Download PDF


120,000psi Strength
40% Elongation
Non-Magnetic Deposit
Minimum Spatter Loss
Deposits Can Be Flame Cut
Deposit Thickness As Required
Crack Resistant
Austenite Micro-Structure
Self Shielded


Apollo Flux Core provides outstanding metal-to-metal wear resistance in many applications.<br /> Joining manganese to manganese or manganese to low alloy steels.
Excellent buid up, underlayment for hardfacing
Impact resistant hard facing
Very effective on shears, chisel point, grapple points, shredder, bailers and other scrap metal equipment
Excellent for railroad repair

Recommended Settings

Use Reverse Polarity (DCEP)

Recommended Settings:
.045 Diameter - 19-27 volts, 120-130 amps, 1/2"-1" stick out
1/16 Diameter - 23-29 volts, 225-400 amps, 1"- 1-1/2"stick out

Best Practices

Proven applications are railroad frogs and crossings, hammer mill hammers, impact bars, shovel pads, tooth buildup, crusher rolls, dredge pump parts, drag line chains and pins.
We recommend Gemini Anti-Spatter spray for lasting protection of your contact tip and MIG nozzle (see chemical aids in Abrasives & Metal Working products section).
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