Jupiter P Powder – Gas

SKU: RM-8031

For fusion spray applications on steels, nickel alloys, stainless, and cast iron. For joining, cladding and sealing. Jupiter P has a wide range of applications. Deposits may be applied with precision as thin as 0.004”. Deposits are easy to machine. Download PDF


For Thin Or Thick Overlays
Excellent Machinability
Impact Resistance
Hardness 10 – 15 RC
Nickel Base
Excellent Hard Face Cushion
Excellent Weldability


Uses for Jupiter P include the following:
Sealing cracks on cast-iron housings
Build-up worn areas of all types
Water Jackets

Best Practices

For thin overlays preheat area to a blue color and pre-spray alloy evenly. Follow with torch only and “wet out” previous deposit. Additional powder may be applied in conventional manner.

Flame should be adjusted to neutral with powder feed lever depressed. Avoid excessive heating.

For best machinability on cast iron, remove all small projects that may melt from flame heat.

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