Neptune TIG Alloy

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For aluminum-sheets, extrusion, pipe and castings. Neptune TIG is particularly excellent for truck bodies, molds, fixtures and aluminum castings. Ideal for unknown aluminum alloys. When pre-cleaning is difficult, Neptune SM TIGCF brazing will provide excellent results.  Download PDF


High Strength 34,000 psi
Minimum Crack Sensitivity
Most Suitable For A Wide Range Of Aluminum Alloys
May Be Anodized
Excellent Color Match
Helps Avoid Porosity


Neptune MIG is ideal for unknown aluminum alloys.

Best Practices

Use AC with high frequency argon and/or helium gas.
Bevel and preheat heavy sections.
Use pure tungsten or zirconiated electrodes.
Use stainless wire brush.
For magnesium see Neptune M TIG.

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