Olympia B Flux Core Wire

SKU: RM-7693

For hardfacing, to resist abrasion on carbon steels, alloy steels, cast iron and manganese. Olympia B Flux Core is a self-shielded hardface wire with an exceptionally high alloy content for resistance to extreme abrasion applications. The deposits also resist mild impact and high heat. Very suitable for vertical down-hand welding (.045 recommended). Olympia B Flux Core has a special metal core composition which provides superior abrasion resistant alloying that includes chromium, molybdenum, boron and vanadium. A total alloy content that exceeds 15%, provides an excellent high hardness deposit. This is combined with excellent running characteristics and slag free deposits. Olympia B Flux Core deposits will stress crack due to their high hardness. Deposits should be limited to two passes.  Download PDF



Excellent Severe Abrasion Resistance
High Hardness: 62 – 65 RC
Unsurpassed Self-Shielded Running Characteristics
Mild Impact Resistance
Exceptionally High Alloy Content
High Heat Hardness To 1200ºF (664ºC)


Designed for extreme abrasion applications, with light impact
Loader buckets, and other heavy equipment
Dredgeing screws and equipment
Aggregate manufacturing and processing

Recommended Settings

Use Reverse Polarity (DCEP)

Recommended Settings:
.045 Diameter – 15-33 volts, 20-33 amps, 1/2″ – 3/4″ stick out
1/16 Diameter – 20-33 volts, 160-400 amps, 3/4″ – 1″stick out

Best Practices

An Argon/CO2 or 100% CO2 gas shield will enhance running characteristics.
A 98/2 Argon/CO2 mix will allow spray arc transfers.
Will run vertical down.
We recommend Gemini Anti-Spatter spray for lasting protection of your contact tip and MIG nozzle (see chemical aids in Abrasives & Metal Working products section).
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