Olympia P Powder – Gas

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For fusion spray applications on steels, stainless, cast iron and nickel alloys. For thin hard overlays. Olympia P is the most effective powder for combating wear caused by abrasion such as cement, sand and gravel. This product gains its superior wear resistance from pure tungsten carbide particles held firmly in place in a nickel base matrix. Download PDF


Tungsten Carbide Particles
Nickel Base
No Softening After High Temperature
Smooth Deposits
Good Corrosion Resistance
Hardness 58 – 65 RC
Excellent Wetting Action
Good Edge Retention


Uses for Olympia P include the following:
Muller Plows
Pug Mill Knives
Pulverizing Plows
Sand Mixers
Screw Conveyors
Cutting Bits
Drill Bits
Drill Collars
Fly Ash Chutes
Mill Plows
Coal Feeder Screws
Clam Shell Lips
Cane Knives

Best Practices

For thin overlays preheat area to a blue color and pre-spray alloy evenly with torch, 2” from work. Follow with torch only and reheat area, watching to see metal “wet out”. Additional material is sprayed on in the conventional manner, make certain previous thin pass is liquified.

Use copper or carbon strips to mask areas not to be coated. Avoid excessive heating. Adjust flame to neutral with powder feed level depressed.

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