Olympia G Gas Brazing Alloy

SKU: RM-4604

For cast iron, steels, brass, bronze. Exceptional for building-up sections and surfacing. (No white metals) Olympia G produces hard and tough deposits ideal for building-up broken gear teeth, shafts, bearings, etc. The ability of Olympia G to work harden with use produces a low friction and long wearing surface. Deposits are made through surface alloying at very low temperatures.

In maintenance, this strong, low temperature alloy makes it possible to repair and resurface costly parts, often returning them to a condition better than new. Olympia G is also perfect for joining both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Download PDF


High Strength 87,000 psi
Durable Flux Coating
Shock Resistant
Work Hardens With Use
Excellent Wetting On Dirty Surfaces
Fast Deposit Rate
Low Application Temperature
Excellent For Build-Up
Easy To Machine, No-Peeling


Joining both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Building up Gears
Shapeable, work hardening results

Recommended Settings

Use Neutral Flame
Temperature: 1550°F (842°C)

Best Practices

Clean joint thoroughly.
Bevel cracks or heavy pieces.
For increased cleaning and improved running characteristics apply additional Brutus Flux (available separately).
Keep torch at low angle and apply one drop at a time using the torch heat to assure bond and flow.
Preheat heavy or complex sections.

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