Optrel Crystal 2.0 PAPR Welding Helmet

SKU: 4442.900

A top tier welding helmet that provides the perfect combination of comfort and performance with cutting edge auto-darkening technology now seamlessly integreated with Optrel’s powerful e3000x PAPR system. With the best “light state” and grind mode, the Crystal 2.0 gives the welder more time on-arc. The Crystal 2.0 is specifically designed with overhead welding safety in mind featuring a curved outer lens to help stray sparks and spatter roll off the hood instead of sitting and burning through. With heat-reflective paint, this first rate helmet provides the best features and benefits for the maintenance welder that needs to get the job done.


Repiratory Protection when combined with e3000x Blower kit (sold separately)
True-Color View
Grinding Mode
Overhead Welding
Delay Function 
Sensitivity Regulation
Patented Excenter
External Operability


Electrode Welding (Stick Welding, SMAW)
GMAW High melting rate process
Flux Cored Wire Welding
TIG Welding (GTAW)
Plasma Arc Welding
Micro Plasma Arc Welding
Plasma Cutting
Gas Welding

Lens Specifications

EN379 Classification– 1:1:1:2
Protection LevelsInactive: Shade level 2.0
Active, Manual: Shade level 4-12
Power SupplySolar cells, 2 lithium batteries (CR2032)
Sensors– Three sensors
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