Polaris AAA Arc Rod

SKU: RM-1723

For high strength alloy and problem steels such as cast steel, Cor-Ten, nickel bearing and high grade structural steels. Polaris AAA produces sound, heat-treatable welds, even on contaminated metals. Welds have unusual strength and ductility, even at sub-zero temperatures. Welding is easy in all positions and deposits are free machining.

Applications include all mining and construction equipment, boilers, tanks, piping, vehicle frames, and all crack sensitive steels. Its extraordinary ductility makes Polaris AAA a good hard-surfacing pad. Download PDF



Excellent Strength 98,000 psi
Excellent AC Stability
Welds Cast Steel
Moisture Proof, Low Hydrogen
Can Be Torch Cut
All Positions
Outstanding Ductility 34% Elongation
Free Machining
Excellent Sub-Zero Properties
X-Ray Quality Welds
No Undercutting
Stable Arc


Polaris AAA applications include all mining and construction equipment, boilers, tanks, piping, truck and bus frames, and all crack sensitive steels
Ideal for Heavy Equipment repair
Excellent in Cold Weather environments
Crack resistant in high vibration applications

Recommended Settings

AC or DCEP (+/- 20% of recommended settings)

Recommended Settings:
3/32” Diameter – 85 amps
1/8” Diameter – 120 amps
5/32″ Diameter – 160 amps
3/16″ Diameter – 220 amps

Best Practices

Use close arc length.
For vertical welds, lower amperage, weld from bottom up and weave.
Do not whip.
Overhead and horizontal, use stringer beads.
Down hand, weave a maximum of 2-1/2 times rod diameter.
Always preheat heavy sections.
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