Polaris MIG Wire

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For welding high strength, low alloy steels, low and medium carbon steels and problem type steels. Polaris MIG is a deoxidized, copper-flashed manganese-silicon alloyed wire containing molybdenum. This alloy combination gives a high strength weld. The low carbon content provides good weldability and toughness.

Polaris MIG will provide consistent good quality welds while allowing for “fast freeze” weld puddle deposits. This makes it ideal for out-of-position welding. An excellent product for Sulphur bearing and free machining steels. Polaris MIG has superior high strength and good impact resistant qualities. Download PDF


100,000psi Strength
Good Elongation
Consistent Quality Welds
Impact Resistant
Excellent Out-Of-Position
Copper Flashed


Polaris MIG is ideal for out-of-position welding.
High Strength and Ductility for areas with High Vibration
Ideal for use on Heavy Equipment

Recommended Settings

Use Reverse Polarity (DCEP)

Recommended Settings:
.035 Diameter – 15-29 volts, 60-225 amps, 25 gas flow (ft3/hr)
.045 Diameter – 17-34 volts, 100-300 amps, 30 gas flow (ft3/hr)

Best Practices

Applications include construction equipment, farm Implements, highly stressed components, pipe welding and low alloy steels.
We recommend Gemini Anti-Spatter spray for lasting protection of your contact tip and MIG nozzle (see chemical aids in Abrasives & Metal Working products section).
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