Polaris P Powder – Gas

SKU: RM-8071

For fusion spray applications on steels, stainless, cast iron and nickel alloys. For thin overlays or buildup. Polaris P has been developed to provide good abrasive wear resistance along with impact resistance. Deposits may be applied thin, or they may be built up to replace metal in areas of heavy wear.

Deposits of Polaris P are also resistant to heat scaling and corrosion due to steam, sea water and a variety of chemical compounds. Download PDF


For Thin Or Thick Overlays
Hardness 35 – 42 RC
Superior Toughness
Machine With Carbide Tools
Corrosion Resistant
Nickel Base
Moderate Impact Resistance
Abrasion Resistant


Polaris P applications would include:
Pump Parts
Bearing Surfaces

Best Practices

For thin overlays preheat area to a blue color and pre-spray alloy evenly. Follow with torch only and “wet out” previous deposit. Additional powder may be applied in conventional manner. Flame should be adjusted to neutral with powder feed lever depressed. Avoid excessive heating. Use copper or carbon strips to mask area not to be overlaid.

Use copper or carbon strips to mask areas not to be coated. Avoid excessive heating. Adjust flame to neutral with powder feed level depressed.

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