Tartan TIG Alloy

SKU: RM-7802

For mild and medium alloy steels. Tartan TIG may be used for a wide variety of mild to medium alloy carbon steels, producing sound porosity-free welds. With Tartan TIG , X-ray quality welds are readily obtained without extraordinary techniques even on difficult to weld steels. Tartan TIG contains extra deoxidizers to provide porosity free welds and can be heat treated. Same alloy as Tartan G. Download PDF


High Strength 95,000 psi
Porosity-Free Welds
Quick Freeze Deposits
Prevents Undercutting
Easy To Machine
Excellent Out-Of-Position
Flame Hardenable
Responds To Heat Treating, Bluing and Plating
Good For 4130 and 4140


Ideal for repairs on carbon steel, producing high strength welds without porosity

Best Practices

Clean base metal.
Make certain that root pass has complete fusion.
Some base metals may require pre and post heat.

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