Apollo GB Gas Brazing Alloy

SKU: RM-5022F

For stainless, copper, bronze, brass, Monel, steel, cast iron, nickel (no white metal). Apollo GB is bare. Apollo GB is one of the easiest to use silver brazing alloys. It is ideal for instrumentation, thin tubing tool repairs and any delicate type of work. Excellent for hydraulic repairs.

With stainless steel, Apollo GB gives outstanding results. Deposits are applied without damage to the stainless and they have excellent corrosion resistance.  Download PDF


High Strength 88,000 psi
Low Melting Temperature
Cadmium Free
Thin Flowing
For Delicate Parts
Good Stainless Color Match
Non-Chip Flux Coating
Superior Wetting Action
High Silver Content
Bridges Wide Clearances


Apollo G protects the work from oxidation and promotes better wetting. It is ideal for lap, tee, flange or square butt joints.
Excellent for copper tubing
High Pressure joints
Copper to stainless steel joints

Recommended Settings

Use Carburizing Flame
Temperature: 1085°F (585°C)

Recommended Settings:
1/16 Diameter – 1.6 mm
3/32 Diameter – 2.4 mm

Best Practices

Clean joint thoroughly.
Align parts and heat broadly along joint.
Melt some flux on to the work and begin feeding alloy.
Do not heat to the point of causing color change in the metal.
Apply additional Gemini Flux to improve wetting characteristics and protect stainless steel from discoloration (available separately).
Remove flux with warm water.
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