Gemini GB Gas Brazing Alloy

SKU: RM-5222F

For all metals, stainless, copper, bronze, brass, Monel, steel, cast iron, nickel and all alloys (no white metal). Gemini G has a pink flux coating, Gemini GB is bare. Gemini G combines low temperature, thin flow and high strength, resulting in an ideal brazing alloy for maintenance repair work. Gemini G contains well over 55% silver and no cadmium. It is outstanding for use on difficult to braze materials, such as stainless steel and other heat sensitive parts.

The outstanding wetting action of Gemini G makes it ideal for all types of joints, such as lap, tee, fillet or butt. It is exceptionally easy to use in dissimilar metal applications. Use Gemini GB for Bare Flux coating.  Download PDF


High Strength 88,000psi
Very Simple To Use
Over 55% Pure Silver
Excellent Wetting
Thin Flow and Build Up
Ideal For Food Service
Excellent Stainless Color Match
Very Low Temperature
Durable Flux Coating
Cadmium Free


Use Gemini GB for Bare Flux coating.

Best Practices

Clean joint thoroughly.
Align parts and heat broadly along joint.
Melt some flux on to the work and begin feeding alloy.
Do not heat to the point of causing a color change in the metal.
Apply additional Gemini Flux to improve wetting characteristics and protect stainless steel (available separately).
Wash flux with warm water.

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