Brutus AAA Arc Rod

SKU: RM-1113

For repairing dissimilar and all categories of steel including tool, high alloy, nickel alloy, stainless, manganese and cast steels. Brutus AAA is also highly effective for broken bolt extraction.

Brutus AAA has incredible strength and elongation and produces welds with superior wear, shock and corrosion resistance. In addition, Brutus AAA has a special flux coating that gives it superior operating characteristics, allowing the welder to produce an unusually strong, smooth weld deposit with minimum effort.

Brutus AAA’s ease of application makes it especially suitable where precise weld control and appearance are important. Thin sections and delicate parts can be repaired easily. It gives excellent results on dies, tools, molds, gears and exposed food handling equipment. Its high strength and ductility make it useful in almost all repairs of similar or dissimilar steels. Download PDF


35% Elongation
Strength 127,000psi
Easy Strike and Restrike
No Spatter / Easy Slag Release
Exceptionally Smooth Bead
Spray-Type Arc With Low Heat
Excellent Undercoating For Hardfacing
Wear and Shock Resistant
Ideal For Dissimilar Steels
Ductile, Crack Resistant Deposit
Use for Broken Stud Extraction (See Thread Repair & Bolt Removal)


Brutus AAA can be used for joining dissimilar steels.
High strength and ductility for repairs.
Excellent for broken stud extraction.
Chrome repair on shafts and hydraulic cylinders

Recommended Settings

AC or DCEP (+/- 30% of recommended settings)

Recommended Settings:
3/32” Diameter – 65 amps
1/8″” Diameter – 95 amps
5/32″” Diameter – 120 amps

Best Practices

Clean weld area.
Bevel heavy sections.
Preheat high alloys and heavy sections to 400ºF (240ºC).
Use short arc.
Tilt electrode 15º in direction of travel.
For rapid filleting, increase amps and drag electrode at 45º.
Remove slag between passes.
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