Brutus TIG Alloy

SKU: RM-7104

For all steels: spring, mild, free machining, tool steel, stainless, manganese, cast steels. Brutus TIG ideal for welding high carbon, alloy steels, and free machining “tramp steels”. This alloy will join broken tool steels and produce strong welds with minimum dilution of the base metal. Brutus TIG is suitable for building up shafts and for 330, 347, 348 and 400 series stainless. Download PDF


High Strength 130,000 psi
Ideal For Dissimilar Steels
Crack Resistant
Shock Resistant
Machinable Deposit
Avoids Porosity


Building up shafts and for 330, 347, 348 and 400 series stainless
Repairs involving dissimilar or unknown steel alloys

Best Practices

Clean the base metal completely.
Make sure the first pass fuses completely.
Brush oxide film from each deposit between multi-pass welds, use stainless brush.
For high alloys and heavy sections, preheat to 400°F (204°C).
Use DC straight polarity with Argon and/or Helium.

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