Polaris Maxi Shield Pro Flux Core Wire

SKU: RM-7722

For welding high strength, low alloy, mild and medium carbon steels. Polaris Maximum Shield Pro is a fast freezing flux-cored wire designed for single and multiple pass welding in flat and all position applications. With its low fume, easy slag removal and low spatter levels combined with its high quality welds, Polaris Maximum Shield Pro has excellent operator appeal. Characterized by a spray transfer, Polaris Maximum Shield Pro provides excellent impact strength at low temperatures and resists cracking in severe applications.  Download PDF


Superior Crack Resistance
90,000 psi Tensile Strength
Excellent Out-Of-Position
29% Elongation
Easy Slag Removal
Low Spatter
Exceptional Charpy Impact Property of 75 ft/lb at -20°F
Low Welding Fumes


Polaris Maxi Shield Pro is designed for single and multiple pass welding in flat and all position applications.
High strength, crack resistant welds
Excellent for heavy equipment and low boy trailer repair 

Recommended Settings

Recommended shielding gas can be 100% CO2 however use of 75% Argon – 25% CO2 will improve usability especially for out of position applications. Increasing the percentage of Argon in the Argon – CO2 mixture will increase the yield and tensile strengths.

Use Reverse Polarity (DCEP)

Recommended Settings:
.035 Diameter – 22-28 volts, 125-225 amps, 1/2″ – 3/4″ stick out
.045 Diameter – 22-30 volts, 160-300 amps, 1/2″ – 3/4″ stick out
1/16 Diameter – 23-29 volts, 225-400 amps, 1/2″ – 3/4″ stick out

Best Practices

Applications include structural fabrication, construction equipment, pipe weldments, storage tanks, pressure vessels, truck frames and all crack sensitive steels.
We recommend Gemini Anti-Spatter spray for lasting protection of your contact tip and MIG nozzle (see chemical aids in Abrasives & Metal Working products section).
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