Category: Flux Core Wires (FCAW)


Electra AAA Arc Gouging Rod

Cuts, grooves, pierces, gouges and preps all metals, except magnesium. Electra AAA is a gouging and cutting electrode designed to provide you with exceptional gouging, piercing and cutting capabilitie
From $1.00 - $365.97


Electra Ultimate Cut-Off Wheel Flat

Our highest quality cut-off wheels. The Electra Line takes a high-quality abrasive and adds additional performance through Cube Matrix technology. With this technology, the abrasive particulates fragm
From $1.00 - $165.00


Flamehold Heat Resistant Compound

Flamehold is a special heat resistant compound that has many functions related to welding. Flamehold may be used as a fixture to hold parts together while welding. It is also an ideal heat shielding c


Optrel e3000x PAPR System

The E3000x system is the most robust and powerful integrated welding respiratory system on the market. It integrates seamlessly with any Optrel PAPR hood and provides the best filtration for both par
From $1.00 - $2,099.00


Polaris Maxi Shield Pro Flux Core Wire

For welding high strength, low alloy, mild and medium carbon steels. Polaris Maximum Shield Pro is a fast freezing flux-cored wire designed for single and multiple pass welding in flat and all positio
From $1.00 - $915.49


Apollo Flux Core Wire

For welding low alloy and manganese steels, buildup, wear surfacing and joining. Apollo Flux Core is a self shielded high manganese alloy wire. It is the welder’s choice for the tough buildup jo
From $534.49 - $1,168.75


Zeta Flux Core Wire

For hardfacing carbon and alloy steels. Abrasion and heavy impact resistance. Zeta Flux Core is a gas shielded flux core wire that gives superior resistance to wear in high abrasion situations, even w
From $449.13 - $1,410.98


Olympia B Flux Core Wire

For hardfacing, to resist abrasion on carbon steels, alloy steels, cast iron and manganese. Olympia B Flux Core is a self-shielded hardface wire with an exceptionally high alloy content for resistance
From $469.70 - $1,003.20


Orion Flux Core Wire

Orion Flux Core is a self-shielded Hard facing wire with excellent efficiency and running characteristics. It is ideal for extreme abrasion applications with light impact. Made of Boron carbides suspe
From $456.90 - $966.50


Tartan Flux Core Wire

For welding mild and medium alloy steels. Tartan Flux Core is a flux core self-shielded wire superior for welding thin gauge mild and medium alloy steels. Designed for single pass applications. It is
From $298.65 - $347.71


Polaris Ultra Flux Core Wire

For welding mild, medium, and high carbon steels. Also suitable for low alloy steels and wear resistant types. Polaris Ultra Flux Core is a self-shielded joining wire with excellent out-of-position we
From $227.70 - $747.78


Omega Flux Core Wire

For hardfacing all ferrous metals requiring excellent abrasion resistance under impact. Omega Flux Core is a self-shielded general purpose hardfacing wire. Its exceptionally high chrome content provid
From $975.70 - $1,102.48


Gemini B Flux Core Wire

For welding most stainless steels, including molybdenum bearing types. Gemini B Flux Core is a high alloy, molybdenum bearing, gas shielded flux core wire designed to be used on most types of stainles
From $1,036.12


Brutus Flux Core Wire

For welding all categories of steels and dissimilar steels- alloy steels, stainless, manganese, nickel alloy and cast steels. Brutus Flux Core is for wire feed welding of steels where the type of stee
From $862.07 - $2,567.50